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Christmas Fantasy 15.11.2023. - 20.12.2023.

Experience the magic of Christmas Fantasy!

Personalized photo manipulations put you and your children in magical Christmas scenes.

Create unforgettable memories with this unique project that brings holiday joy into your everyday world.



The price of one picture is 7€, and you will receive it in a digital form,  in high resolution ready for printing (A2, A3, A4), and in lower resolution for your social media.
You will recieve an image within 1-3 business days.

The picture can contain one or more people, depending on the space available, but for all inquiries you can contact me at the email address:

Manufacturing process:

- Choose one or more backgrounds in which you want to place your images and make photos based on them

- Photos that you want to be processed and placed in the desired backgrounds, take pictures with a mobile phone or camera in the clearest possible resolution, because the final quality of the image will depend on it. Also, the background of the photo should be simple (monochrome wall), but if you are not able to, you can send what suits you best

- Send the specified photos and the names of the backgrounds with instructions (which photo belongs to which background) to the e-mail:, and attach your information (name, surname, address) to the e-mail, so that an invoice for payment can be sent to you upon completion.


- Your pictures will not be published publicly on my website or social networks.

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